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- How to Fix Phone Apps -

If you are having problems with an app on your phone there are a few steps you can take to try to fix it. You can try the following steps to fix the problems that you are having.

Basic Fix,

1). Go the setting on your phone
2). Open apps
3). Find the app
4). Press "Force Stop"
5). Under "Storage & Cache" click "Clear Cache"
6). Restart app

If this does not correct the problem that you are having with the app, then please try Fix 2.

Fix 2,

1). Go the setting on your phone
2). Open apps
3). Find the app
4). Press "Force Stop"
5). Under "Storage & Cache" click "Clear Storage" & "Clear Cache"
6). Uninstall the app from your phone
7). Restart your phone
8). Reinstall the app
9). Login to the app

This should fix any problems that you are having with your app, but in case it does not you should open a bug report to the app developer so that they can help you. Be sure to include this information with your message to them so that they know what steps you have done already to try to fix the problem/s you are having.

PS: Please do not report this information as your own but instead link back to my website instead.

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Direct Express
Fresh EBT
Google Keep
Messages by Google
Phone by Google
Photo Resizer HD
Tip Calculator

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Path of Exile

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7 Zip
Brave Browser
MSI Afterburner
Open Broadcaster Studio

- Free, Low Income, Disabled & Homeless Resources -

Affordable Connectivity Program (Disabled)
Assurance Wireless Free Government Phone
Feeding America
Helen Ross McNabb (East Tennessee)
Homelessness/Domestic Violence/Mental Health Help
Q Link Wireless Free Government Phone
Safe Link Wireless Free Government Phone
Spectrum Bill Discount Monthly (Disabled)
SSI Information for Homeless
Tru Connect Free Government Phone

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Alternative To
CPU Upgrade (Outdated)
Game Pad Testor
Laptop BIOS Password Reset Generator
PC Part Picker
Virus Total
Webcam Test

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Firefox Browser
Firefox Computer Add-Ons
600% Sound Volume
AdBlocker Ultimate
Amazon Ad Blocker
DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials
Popup Blocker Ultimate
YouTube NonStop

- My Favorite Firefox Add-Ons for Android Phones -

Firefox Add-Ons for Android
AdBlocker Ultimate
Adblock Plus
Popup Blocker Ultimate
uBlock Origin
uBlock Plus Plus

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Lychee Photo Gallery
phpBB Forums
SMF Forums

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